How Do Live Online Casinos Work?


Gamblers have never had it so good, with thousands of online games available 24/7 on hundreds of different websites. And now, thanks to technological advances, you can even feel like you’re in a real casino when you’re sitting in your favorite armchair in your living room. read more

Which Poker Pros Should you Look to Model to Improve your Game?

Sofia Lövgren
Sofia Lövgren
Lovgren is a 888poker brand ambassador, Source: Sofia Lovgren via Facebook 

The cutthroat world of poker is expanding so much each year, that with all the players involved it can be hard to get the edge on your rivals. There were a whopping 7,221 players in the World Series of Poker in 2017, compared to 839 in 2003. The 2003 event was around the time of the poker boom, when the internet helped make poker much more popular, and it has grown ever since. With player numbers increasing, and more players incorporating tried and tested methods to win, it’s never been more important to freshen up your own tactics and techniques. read more

Gamblers’ Paradise: The Battle for Supremacy Between Las Vegas & Macau

Macao Casino

When it comes to elite gambling cities, two contenders have been neck and neck for some time. Las Vegas, the American gambling mecca, for nearly a half century has reigned supreme as the default capital of worldwide gambling. Over the last decade, however, the sands have been shifting east. Powered by a growing business class and growing local wealth, the Chinese territory, Macau, has grown to become a force on its own. read more

A Brief History of Gambling

Card game at a table in a tavern, 14th century.

The history of gambling is inextricably linked with the history of humanity. It is difficult to track every single turn in the evolution of gambling, but archaeological and scientific facts proved that gambling developed throughout the history.

Card game at a table in a tavern, 14th century.

Ancient China is not only about gunpowder, porcelain, silk and the Great Wall of China. This country has also invented the first lottery game to fund the army and other state needs of the Chinese emperors. read more

Is croupier on your side or not?

blackjack table

In different countries and at different times the dealer and the players had different attitudes towards each other. Sometimes croupier were respected and other times they were hated and despised. Most people believe that playing in the casino they try to outplay the facility and the croupier as the casino worker tries to prevent it by all means. That’s why the dealers are perceived by the players as enemies, but does it line up with reality? Please, note: all information in this article also relevant to real dealers online casino games, the list of which you can find on read more