Gamblers’ Paradise: The Battle for Supremacy Between Las Vegas & Macau

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When it comes to elite gambling cities, two contenders have been neck and neck for some time. Las Vegas, the American gambling mecca, for nearly a half century has reigned supreme as the default capital of worldwide gambling. Over the last decade, however, the sands have been shifting east. Powered by a growing business class and growing local wealth, the Chinese territory, Macau, has grown to become a force on its own. read more

A Brief History of Gambling

Card game at a table in a tavern, 14th century.

The history of gambling is inextricably linked with the history of humanity. It is difficult to track every single turn in the evolution of gambling, but archaeological and scientific facts proved that gambling developed throughout the history.

Card game at a table in a tavern, 14th century.

Ancient China is not only about gunpowder, porcelain, silk and the Great Wall of China. This country has also invented the first lottery game to fund the army and other state needs of the Chinese emperors. read more