Key Disciplines to Boost Your Poker Skill

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Poker is far from a pursuit which can be thought of as simple. Instead, poker is well-known as one of the more intellectual forms of gaming out there, requiring dedication and a sharp mind for players to have any real hope of being the best. What is sometimes forgotten, however, is the contributing effect that transferable skills can have to an individual’s success in the game. While these come in a few key areas, a strong base understanding of any of these areas will give new players a huge advantage over their less-knowledgeable counterparts. read more

Which Poker Pros Should you Look to Model to Improve your Game?

Sofia Lövgren
Sofia Lövgren
Lovgren is a 888poker brand ambassador, Source: Sofia Lovgren via Facebook 

The cutthroat world of poker is expanding so much each year, that with all the players involved it can be hard to get the edge on your rivals. There were a whopping 7,221 players in the World Series of Poker in 2017, compared to 839 in 2003. The 2003 event was around the time of the poker boom, when the internet helped make poker much more popular, and it has grown ever since. With player numbers increasing, and more players incorporating tried and tested methods to win, it’s never been more important to freshen up your own tactics and techniques. read more