Gamblers’ Paradise: The Battle for Supremacy Between Las Vegas & Macau

Macao Casino

When it comes to elite gambling cities, two contenders have been neck and neck for some time. Las Vegas, the American gambling mecca, for nearly a half century has reigned supreme as the default capital of worldwide gambling. Over the last decade, however, the sands have been shifting east. Powered by a growing business class and growing local wealth, the Chinese territory, Macau, has grown to become a force on its own.

Macao Casino
Attendees look at computerized slot machines manufactured by Konami Holdings Corp. during the Macau Gaming Show (MGS) in Macau, China, on Tuesday, Nov. 14, 2017. Macau regulators are strengthening their oversight of the almost $30 billion casino industry as they plan to release details next year of the renewal process for operators. Photographer: David Paul Morris/Bloomberg

Macau Has Grown Bigger

According to, Macau, today, is a standalone giant. With nearly double the amount of guestrooms and attracting over triple the gambling revenue, Macau could very well be the world’s new gambling capital. Some of the world’s top casino brands have been investing billions of dollars into the growing Macau economy, in the form of bigger casinos and resorts than ever before seen outside of Vegas.

Different Styles & Cultures

With billions of dollars on the table and up for grabs, these two heavyweight cities have different views and cultures on the sector as a whole. Las Vegas, aka Sin City, is an entertainment-driven gamblers’ paradise that emphasizes entertainment as a whole. Macau, on the other hand, has taken a much more serious gambling route, attracting and converting the world’s gambling elite with a more serious and upscale gambling culture and experience. Aside from gambling, Vegas is home to some of the biggest festivals and entertainment draws on the market. Macau has created a shopping and 5-star amenity-based business model that attracts the top tier of Asia’s financial elite.

The Winner Is…

Both these giants are paradises for gamblers, and though Macau is growing at a much faster pace, Vegas will always be Vegas to those of us that grew up with the western media. In actuality, the battle is too close to call between these two cities. For a full breakdown of how they compare, check out this tale of the tape between Las Vegas and Macau from Casinosites.

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